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Video, 11:29 min.

The work presents a new digital choreography of a Butoh dance created in 1998 by
Kazuo Ohno, who was 92 when he performed it. The dance is a physical and spiritual
journey into the figure of Ohno’s mother. Traditional Japanese dance has men
performing female roles; however, in this case, Ohno’s decision to embody his
mother is the essence of this expressive choreography. The video is based on the
original soundtrack performed by an anonymous musician. Ben Moshe divided the
music into six sets in which the narrative meanders through different states of


The work is influenced by Japanese art, particularly Butoh, in which the
relation between body and image is sculptural and direct. This work, which opens the
exhibition, centers on a supple, buoyant water bubble that floats in space and meets
a spark of light, a moment of creation. The distinction between waters is the origin of
the biblical story of creation. Our current ecological reality reminds us of the horrors
of water and its threat to rise again and flood everything. Water is the motherly
essence, as in the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus. Ben Moshe created Mother
when his mother had dementia, a time in which they had many conversations that
gave rise to beautiful images and fragments of recollections – imagined, real – that
affected the creation of the video.

The video (CGI) was created with 3D and video editing software.


































































































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