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Albino Heart. Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv. 31.8-20.10.17

Albino Heart

Eitan Ben Moshe



Eitan Ben Moshe's latest exhibition features five boxes of light, comprising molten glass and other materials, illuminated by bright LED lights. Each box contains a miniature world frozen in time from which remnants of internal light still emanate. The light emerges through transparent layers, dusty and cracked, reflected in shattered mirrors and shards of glass. The boxes offer the viewer's eye the opportunity to wander around in them; in a whitened world of crystal fragments, peels of culture, and particles of abandoned objects that float as after destruction or creation.

In some parts of Africa, especially Tanzania and Nigeria, albinos are persecuted due to a superstition that they are bewitched. Certain West African cultures attribute prophetic powers and extrasensory perception to albinos because of their light sensitive eyes.

The name of the exhibition, like the works themselves, is a type of kōan, whose meaning is elusive.


The song Albion Heart, performed by the Lucid Traveler band, will be heard through earphones. Anat Tzachor wrote the song, having been inspired by the exhibition.

Albino Heart. Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv. 31.8-20.10.17.

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