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Little Sailboat 

 3:34 Min loop. Eitan Ben Moshe.

The work is based on the song The Sailboat Flows (Dugit Nosa’at), written in 1943 by
the poet Natan Yonatan to music composed by Lev Alexandrovich Shvarts for the
Russian film The Childhood of Maxim Gorky:

The little sailboat flows with its two sails
Its sailors are fast asleep.

Wind hovers over the water,
A child walks on an empty beach.

Like the poem, the work maintains the tension between sleep and waking; reality
seeps into dreams. Small objects, perhaps seeds or doll eyes blinking heavily,
express the joy of falling into slumber and the danger of succumbing to sleep. The
colorful background movement evokes visions seen through closed eyes, while the
childish, squeaky sound is both numbing and disturbing. Falling asleep while the
flood is threatening is reflected in this work as well.


































































































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