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Crystals 3 Aegirine

There something about the attitude of some of the crystals that can generate antagonism. The profound blue Azurite’s (Greek name kuanos -κυανός: "deep blue)”, clusters of crystals is not something that will let your eyes just move along. The attention it asks is strong if protruding from the ground as well as on a shelf in friend’s room. It is not trying to have an unpretentious flair but a very attractive and maybe old manner way of showing its noble roots. Another reason for developing antagonism toward some of the family members is their sealed construction as opposed to their visual clarity.

A clear quartz crystal can be a room for beautiful rainbows inside and because of its clarity; it gives your gaze a place to wonder inside but to really get inside will be impossible. The structure of the crystal is so much spacy and if you will just look at it as corridors and rooms it will look like a place to be in it. But it is always close to a somatic entering. Only the eye can reach it and in that sense it can cause frustration which the beautiful and untouchable things in nature can bring. It is not by chance that the crystals got their spiritual hilling “obligations”. These brightening things that you cannot enter but just be an observer to, become a heritage of believes about hidden energies blocked in the geometric sealed structures.

On the other side of the color scale from the quartz crystal is the black opaque Aegirine.

Aegirine occurs as black green bladed prismatic crystals that known as one that encourages acceptance of one self and the others. In this case not like the quartz it releases and inspired strong drive of moving in space and time and not containment like the quartz. Unexpectedly It’s dark and opaque Texture, which does let the eye visit inside, make it Very recommended in times of hard choices and misperception.


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