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Crystals 2; Art of nature

By watching with microscopic lenses, Alum, or other crystals growing, one can actually see the very core of innovativeness. That is if you agree to use terms like that in an unhuman context, which the after human movement in thinking will surly approve.

Without a human soul involved, it’s blood-curdling to see the crystal growing happening.

Feathers like forms, multi dimensions unbelievable arrangements of polyhedrons, combinations of geometric abstract expressionism and formless structures are growing with a self-confidence of a creator with a very specific attitude, or style but with a room for chance and chaos to be involved in his effort for perfectness. It is blood-curdling because its looks so alive but we know it’s just chemistry playing with our minds, is it really only that?!

What Deleuze and Guattari calling “bird-artist” (Scenopoeetes dentirostris) can produce readymade art by letting leaves drop and turning them to make a distinction between their interior face and the color of the ground. Their postures, tints, and refrains ―draws out a real art work. I would say that the crystals where here before the bird-artists, and have much more astonishing artistic place at least when it comes to three dimensional artistic forms. The bird-artist paints its territory while the crystals are one with their territory. One can say that every mineral, rock, cluster of sand is creating a territory, but in the case of the crystals it is much more defined, more outstanding. It’s easier in this case to see a defined architecture which demarcated its unique space and does not dissolve with the world around it. In a lot of cases it have a transparent quality that give as chance to glance into its guarded territory in which there is no room for no one to enter.

Scenopoeetes dentirostris

Scenopoeetes dentirostris

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